Motherload Wiki

The Emendation Station 3500 is found all the way to the right on the surface. It can repair damage at a rate of approximately $15 per HP, and sells the following items:

Name Effect Cost Hotkey
Reserve Fuel Tank Refuels 25 Liters to your fuel tank 2,000 F
Hull Repair Nanobots Repairs 30 damage 7,500 R
Dynamite Blows up a 3x3 square around your pod 2,000 X
Plastic Explosive Blows up a 5x5 square around your pod 5,000 C
Quantum Teleporter Teleports and launches you up or down near the surface (may cause fall damage) 2,000 Q
Matter Transmitter Teleports you safely next to the Fuel Station 10,000 M


  • There is no limit to how many items you can carry and they have no weight.
  • Dynamite, Plastic Explosives, Quantum Teleporter and Matter Transmitter can only be used if you are touching the floor of a level.
  • In contrast, Reserve Fuel Tanks and Hull Repair Nanobots can be used not only when on the floor, but also while flying, or even during digging.


  • Among the 4 shops, it is the only one that lacks a text sign outside.