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Not to be confused with Artifacts.

snapshot of an inventory

Digging up minerals and bringing them up to the Mineral Processor 3000 is your main source of income. Different minerals are worth different values, with the less valuable found abundantly and the more valuable found in increasing quantities the deeper you go.

Minerals have weight, with the more valuable ones weighing more. The mining pod itself also weighs 1980 kg. Depending on your engine your pod will only be able to fly up at speed with a certain amount of weight, slowing down as you get heavier, until the point at which your propellers can only slow your descent. Even with the best engine, it is very difficult to take off with 5800 kg, and impossible above roughly 6200 kg. You can discard minerals by clicking on them in the inventory.

Any square with a mineral can be drilled in to collect it, and they never have gas pockets, making them safe.

Mineral Name Points* Worth($)* Weight(kg) Min. depth
Common depth
Ironium 150 30 10 -25 ft -25 ft
Bronzium 300 60 10 -25 ft -25 ft
Silverium 500 100 10 -25 ft -25 ft
Goldium 1250 250 20 -25 ft -250 ft
Platinum 3750 750 30 -800 ft -1700 ft
Einsteinium 10000 2000 40 -1600 ft -2600 ft
Emerald 25000 5000 60 -2400 ft -4000 ft
Ruby 100000 20000 80 -4000 ft -4800 ft
Diamond 500000 100000 100 -4400 ft -5700 ft
Amazonite 500000 500000 120 -5500 ft -6200 ft*

^This is based on when you may expect to start seeing two of that mineral in one screen, a rough benchmark for being "common".

*Displayed in-game as ?XXXXX ft. with numbers flashing, which happens beneath -5800 ft.

There is a large degree of randomness in mineral spawning, and these estimates are based on realistic scenarios. You may discover them out of order, or find Amazonite at -3000 ft (there are even unverified reports of it spawning near the surface), but they are too rare to be realistic.

mineral processing menu

*These are Level 1 base values but prices are reduced by the number of times you defeat Satan, e.g half this value for Level 2, one-third for level 3. For more information, click here